About Me

Easy going, fun loving and usually up for anything when it comes to wedding and portrait photography. I have shot over 100 weddings and each one has its own special memories for me, from the half naked father of the bride in the hallway to getting completely flattened by the bride's St. Bernard (sorry no photo). 

A Little More History

My grandmother was an avid photographer, she even had a darkroom in her home and I would spend hours with her developing film and making prints. She gave me a Kodak Brownie for my 5th birthday and I have been taking photograph ever since.

I have been a serious and successful photographer in the portrait, wedding, fine art and commercial fields for over twenty years and while working in London, I was awarded a distinction by The Royal Photographic Society for my contemporary portraits. I have also been awarded several merits of distinction and portrait awards in the USA.

Educated as an artist and photographer I was fortunate enough to study under the late Ansel Adams and Clifford West. I also attended The Brooks Institute of Photography, UCLA and The Newport School of Photography.

After teaching creative and portrait photography classes at ILEAD through Dartmouth College, I realized there was a need for personal one on one mentoring and if you are interested in my mentoring program please view the photography workshops in Vermont and contact me

I suppose I am a real country girl at heart, growing up with horses and dogs and spending a good part of my life in the English countryside. I moved to Vermont in 1999 and to be able to mix the tranquility and beauty of the Green Mountains and have the lively Boston scene just two hours away is just about the perfect lifestyle as far as I am concerned. The sky diving? Yep that's me... it was a dare while on a tour with the English Cricket team in New Zealand...and I can safely say it will never happen again..well that is unless I happen to have a couple who want photographs of the same thing and that is what I would have to do to get them.



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Member of The Professional Photographers of America, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International and National Association of Photoshop Professionals





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