Photography Workshops in Woodstock, Vermont

"Photographing what you "see" is easy, but how do you photograph what you "feel"?".... That is just one subject covered in my creative photography class.

I offer friendly, one on one mentoring sessions, both on line and in person and "No" you do not need a fancy expensive camera to learn the art of portrait, travel or fine art photography. There are sessions that cover everything from the technical basics to the art of seeing and interpreting yourself through photographs.

Learn the art of Photoshop CS, Lightroom or simply the magic of natural light photography. I will tailor the session to meet your needs and explore your visions.

On line sessions are $100.00 per session and in person sessions are $200.00 per hour.

I also offer an on line session called "Following the Masters" which stems from a very successful class I taught at ILEAD through Dartmouth College. Each week "we" look at the work of several masters then assignments are given that relate to their art. I critique your images and offer solutions and advice on other visual or technical issues you might have regarding the assignments. The cost for this five-session class is $250.00.




Woodstock,VT wedding and portrait photography workshops by Sally Carpenter.